A Deeper Insight Into ETQ TG1200

ETQ TG1200 ReviewETQ TG1200 is a strong, gas-powered and portable generator that is of great help for those who travel on a constant basis. You can take this small and compact generator with you wherever you need it, given the fact that it is a lot smaller and considerably lighter compared to other similar generators. In this ETQ TG1200 review you will find the main features of the product, along with some of the advantages and disadvantages that will help you decide whether this is the best choice for you:

Main Features
• 1,200 Watts;
• 2-cycle engine;
• 2.2 HP;
• 1-gallon fuel tank which can deliver up to 8 hours of power.

In other words, this generator is a great choice if you are looking for an efficient and inexpensive device to provide the energy you need when you go on a camping trip. Moreover, it is also very silent (does not exceed 65 decibels) and it delivers minimal running vibrations.

The low price is certainly one of the main advantages of this product. Of course, ETQ TG1200 may not be strong enough to power large electrical appliances during power outages, but it is a great choice whenever you go hunting or you travel. Moreover, it is very compact and the built-in handle allows you to easily carry it around wherever you go. It is designed in a way that makes it easy to transport: it weighs no more than 45 pounds and it can be easily stored in a shed or a garage.

Another important benefit is the easy-pull recoil which allows you to get the generator started with a minimum of effort. This can be a very bothersome problem with larger generators, but fortunately this is not the case with ETQ TG1200. Despite the fact that it may not be strong enough to power several large appliances at the same time, it is is designed for light residential use as well: it can power small electrical appliances like lamps, fans, blenders, microwaves and such. Moreover, it can be used as a reliable generator for small boats as well.

Last but not least, the detailed and well-written instruction manual also comes in handy if you have never used this type of generator before. It is written in a comprehensive fashion that aims to teach every beginner how to use it right away.

Despite the fact that the 2-cycle engine is a great advantage it can be regarded as a downside as well, keeping in mind that this type of engine requires a mix of gas and oil.

Another drawback is that even though the generator starts very quickly, it is a bit noisy for a couple of minutes and some owners claim that the generator even gets a bit smokey at the beginning. Even so, this is not a major drawback as it only lasts for several minutes.

The Bottom Line
In conclusion, ETQ TG1200 is a great investment if you travel a lot and you need a portable, discreet and effective generator to power small appliances. It is reliable, safe and easy to use. Besides, it is also easy to clean, store and maintain in the long run – overall, it’s a good choice for the money!


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